Thank you Literary Ducks Book Club

A heartfelt thank you to the Literary Ducks Book Club in Southern Shores, NC for selecting and discussing The Other Mrs. Samson this month. I am grateful to have participated. Wonderful and engaging conversation!

Midwest Book Review

“The injection of a mystery, complex relationships buffeted by the winds of war and change, and a series of choices that cement the worlds of future generations are all wonderfully written, presented in a manner that will attract both historical fiction and general-interest readers alike.

The Other Mrs. Samson offers a gift of surprises, secrets, and political and social change that are often mirrored in modern times.”

– D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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The BookLife Prize Review

“The book is historically very well-researched and is artfully crafted to withhold crucial plot points from the reader until the moment of revelation is right. The story reads like a mystery, and there are enough plot twists and turns to surprise the reader, who is never entirely able to anticipate where the action will go.”

The BookLife Prize, February, 2021

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The Other Mrs. Samson: A Book Review – Kameo Monson

Discover untold stories of those who loved Josef Samson beyond both World War I and World War II in the Other Mrs. Samson.

Advice for Authors

Far be it for me to offer advice, but I was asked and here is my answer…

Passion, persistence, perfection, perseverance, and patience in any order you choose. There are no shortcuts, only hard work, much self-flagellation, and always uncertainty. Writing can be a lonely enterprise. Listen to the readers. Put your ego in check. Be humble and have a thick skin. Writing a book is a 24/7 thing. It may make you crazy in the head but it will make you happy in the heart!

The Other Mrs. Samson will be released on February 15, 2021!

What Genre Are Your Books?

Recently I was asked “What genre are my books and what drew me to that genre?” I think readers who will enjoy my latest book will be those who enjoy twentieth century historical fiction, 1850’s through World War II. The Other Mrs. Samson is certainly not a romance novel but neither is it a war story. I would argue that it is a memorable love story. And the thing about love, as most of us know, is that it can be complicated. I think that makes this book curious, compelling, and emotional. For me, love is what made this story a joy to write!

The Other Mrs. Samson will be released on February 15, 2021 – Kindle, Softcover, and Audible. Please look for it at Amazon.

Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads giveaway for 100 Kindle Advance copies of new book by 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards Nominee Ralph Webster!

To be released February 15 – Kindle, Softcover, and Audible Versions

Woodard’s Mill’s Book Club

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00039]Spent a wonderful afternoon with the Woodard’s Mill’s Book Club in Chesapeake, VA yesterday discussing A Smile in One Eye: A Tear in the Other. Thank you Kay Stone for opening your home

It was an amazing group – lots of exchanges, opinions, experiences to share and questions. Can’t believe we have met with more than 30 groups this year.  Have Book Club? Will Travel!!!

Woodard Mills Book Club 1


Great Time at the Camden County Library!

Camden Library 1

Interesting afternoon at North Carolina’s Camden County Library discussing A Smile in One Eye: A Tear in the Other!  Thank you to both the Camden Book Lovers and the Wine, Women and Books book clubs for organizing – and to the library staff for opening up the program to the public.  Hope we can meet again at your wonderful facility and do a program on One More Moon!

River Readers Book Club

River Readers Book Club
River Readers Book Club

This is the season for book clubs! Yesterday Ginger and I drove to Elizabeth City to meet with the River Readers Book Club. What a delightful time! Thank you for selecting One More Moon as your book this month – and a heartfelt thank you to Brenda Daniel for hosting in her beautiful home. Next week we meet with three more book clubs – two who have chosen to read A Smile in One Eye. Have book club? Will travel. What an interesting adventure! Great conversations!

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