The Piano Bench

A story of survival – of secrets and betrayal, of love and deceit, of the heights of happiness, and the despair of heartbreak 

Born to a middle-class Jewish family in the late 19th century, Josef Samson grew up believing that the possibilities for his life in his beloved Germany were limitless. His doting parents were ferocious advocates and fearless protectors, encouraging him to pursue his passions and dreams. And when he came of age, on the dawn of the new century, it was a time of swagger and self-confidence, and his Berlin was a tolerant and vibrant city filled with culture and ambition.

Berlin was where Josef fell in love and married, where he prospered, and where his patriotism was stirred. But, this would not last. After confronting the horrors of the First World War, Josef is forced to rebuild his life, only to come face-to-face with the terror brought about by Hitler and the Nazis.

A victim of circumstance, he must find his way, having to choose between love and responsibility, home and the unknown, hoping against hope that his journey will take him closer to a secure future, even as it means bidding a sad farewell to his cherished homeland.

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