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What Genre Are Your Books?

Recently I was asked “What genre are my books and what drew me to that genre?” I think readers who will enjoy my latest book will be those who enjoy twentieth century historical fiction, 1850’s through World War II. The Other Mrs. Samson is certainly not… Continue Reading “What Genre Are Your Books?”

Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads giveaway for 100 Kindle Advance copies of new book by 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards Nominee Ralph Webster! To be released February 15 – Kindle, Softcover, and Audible Versions

The Rise of Nazi Germany

“These were difficult times.  The old order was quickly changing.  The Nazis were constantly issuing new orders to diminish the role of German Jews in daily German life. It was a slow, grinding process.  Each day, there was something new we were forced to… Continue Reading “The Rise of Nazi Germany”

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