Thank You to Book Clubs

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Yesterday I participated in the monthly meeting of our local Wine, Words, and Women Book Club.  About 20 people attended.  This was the third book club to have selected my book and invite me to join their discussions in as many weeks.

As an author, I cannot say thank you enough.  I always learn so much from these exchanges.  Of course, there are usually more accolades than stinging criticisms in these situations.  People are always kind, polite, and respectful.  For me, though, it is amazing to learn how people can read the same book, yet come away with different emotions, opinions, questions, and observations.  And, I can recall the joy and sometimes anguish of writing every word.

I wish I could do this every week – and I will if given the chance – just invite me in person or via video.  A big shout out and thank you!  You really read my book – and you liked it!




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