Book Review: One More Moon by Ralph Webster

Patrisya M.

Elsa and her husband Paul enjoy comfortable life in Mussolini’s Fascist Italy. When they purchase the Pensione Alexandra in Naples, their life changes. They host guests from different countries. Many of the visitors remain family friends. Almost all guests have been impacted by actions of Nazi Germany. Idyllic life in Naples drastically changes for Elsa and her family when war starts and Italy supports Germany. The family realize that nothing keeps them in Naples and they have to flee to America where other relatives live. However, the escape is not easy. Elsa’s way to America is long and hard.

One More Moon is a continuation to Smile in One Eye; a Tear in the Other published byone more moon pic Ralph in 2016. In his new book, the author shows war from woman’s perspective. I think there have not been enough women’s testimonies of war. Therefore, One More Moon contributes enormously to collective…

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